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Nancy Perlson  describes the physiological nature of trauma and explains how the nervous system stores trauma and pain. She dissects how unresolved trauma manifests in behavior. Nancy also draws from the wisdom of Viktor Frankl and underscores the human power to adapt, change, and step into uncomfortable spaces. “Healing only comes when we recognize our power to step into that uncomfortable vortex. We are capable of change until the day we die.”

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This Week's Rambling: Nancy B. Person joins the podcast. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Yoga Instructor with extensive experience in the grief, loss, and trauma, Nancy describes her current phase of transition as similar to the phases of the moon, "Always full and whole behind the waxing and waining shadow. Even though we go through these periods where we feel more darkness than light, it's important to recognize that behind that shadow we have everything we need to get through this."

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This week's episode is all about grief and loss. It's about the grief we experience over the death of a loved one or the loss we feel when we've hit a life crisis, like a job loss or ending of a relationship. This conversation is an appropriate one at this time in our lives as we are all dealing, to some degree, with changes and losses in an unprecedented way. 

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Wearing and sharing the stories of love, loss and resilience through the art of tattoo. An introduction to the behind-the-ink project launched in 2014.

(January 2014)

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“I think of my life as a before and after,” says Nancy Perlson. The “before” Nancy—a driven corporate meetings planner and busy mom of two boys—existed prior to Aug., 16, 1996, the day her father died by suicide. During those first dark months following her dad’s death, Nancy took her first yoga class  and it changed everything.

(November 2010)

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Yoga, when introduced gently to grieving individuals, gives them opportunities to recognize what they have lost; but at the same time, it allows them to explore what still remains. Identifying our places of strength during difficult times can be extraordinarily helpful through the healing process.

(July 2019)

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